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Itís Your Civic Duty!
Democrats, moderate republicans, libertarians, independents, and all other critical thinking citizens, speak out now!!! Help the USA get back on the right (correct) side of history and help preserve the two-party system!

Some Friends and Family Still OUTFOXED?
Give to those special folks who still remain in a state of confusion and denial, especially those trapped in the bizarre world of talk radio.

Guaranteed Results!!!
When logic, reason, and even facts have all failed ~ why not try magic? If used as directed, this product can turn even a ditto-head into an enlightened and responsible voter.

Can Be Sent Anonymously!
Your gift of hope and newfound 'freedom of thought' can be your little secret. We will mail the dunce cap to the people of your choosing. Then watch with glee and pride as your loved oneís conversation gradually becomes more pleasant and intellectually stimulating!

Seymour Kleerly 

Stool Sold Separately

Tis A Far Better
Thing to Give
Than To Receive!

GOOD NEWS: Sanity prevails in the USA.as Obama and Democrats win!
BAD NEWS: 56 million Americans failed a very simple test!

Why? How could this happen?

Fox News and Talk Radio have created an alternative universe where Obama is an unpatriotic, commie, radical and must be weakened at all costs. This strategy left unchallenged succeeded against Clinton/
Gore and gave us George Bush...

America just can't afford this again! Help give a Right Wing friend a fighting chance to be part of an historic American Renaissance. It's patriotic, compassionate and fun!

The Magic Dunce Cap highlights 25 of the most moronic, hypocritical, and damaging concepts of the last thirty years still embraced by many conservatives.

These ridiculous slogans are quite comical and would be even funnier if they were not so scary

The directions have been written for well, a dunce, which is why their tone may sound a tad simplistic and condescending. We apologize ~ some things just can't be helped! 

The "magic" DUNCE-O-METER is a pseudoscientifically based method to determine the degree of therapy needed for each lucky recipient.

See the Magic Dunce Cap in action at the DNC & RNC Conventions.